Name One Of The Writers Of The Federalist Papers

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77 essays were published first, and final 8 papers were added later, and they all were originally known as The Federalist.

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John Jay was also asked because of his vast foreign diplomatic service.

Unfortunately, John Jay was injured shortly after the project commenced and was able to only complete six different papers.

Hamilton was its firm believer who thought that the series of these essays would endeavor to give a clear answer to all objections.

The main force behind the entire project was Alexander Hamilton.The Federalist Papers is a treatise on free government in peace and security.It is the outstanding American contribution to the literature on constitutional democracy and federalism, and a classic of Western political thought.After the convention, therefore, Tench Coxe became the coordinator in Philadelphia for those who supported the constitution while George Mason became the coordinator for New York for those who opposed it.Hundreds and hundreds of letters were written regarding the constitution, "Cato" and "The Federal Farmer" attacked while "Caeser" replied.The revolutionary era was characterized by a quest for security from foreign nations, for peace in America, and for individual freedom.These values, it was hoped, could be achieved by united action.Both George Washington and Ben Franklin, probably the two most influential men in the country, supported the Constitution.Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Virginia, and New York were the states critical to the success or failure of the Constitution.And whereas earlier plans of union were largely motivated by a desire for security and peace, those of the period under consideration were the first appearance of the freedom motif.That motif came to the fore during the colonists' struggle with England and was recognized by the Articles of Confederation.


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