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The dialogue of the natives in the story combined with the effects ofthe harsh jungle environment make the author sound as if he knows much of thestyle of life which is typical to the poverty stricken natives of South America.

He also seemed fascinated by the effects that unforgiving nature can have on agroup of people.

Allie brags to Charlie about how brilliant his idea was, and how content he made the savages.

He kept raving about how the ice left them astonished, but Charlie knew his father wasn't telling the truth.

The setting corresponds well with the time period and themain character.

This period showed many leaps in technological advancement,which Allie refused to be a part of. And the remotes of Honduras was essential in attaining thistype of lifestyle.Allie Foxx highly opposed the style of life which had developed in the United States. Hestrictly raised his children to incorporate the same mental attitude which heheld. The combination of all thesedelusions eventually prompted him to relocate himself and his family to adifferent country altogether, where he whatever lifestyle he so desired. He is naive to thepractices of modern society because of his fathers continual and insistedsheltering from the evils of everyday life.He believed religions to be useless, and our government to becorrupted, continually drawing the unwanted attention of other countries tactilemissiles. He is very impressionable and seeshis father as the most brilliant man on earth.This story does an effective job of immediately fascinating you with theunusual attitude of Allie Foxx, and from that point it never lets your attentionwaver.It also is effective at stimulating emotions as you read.The story begins on a farm in Massachusetts, but quickly shifts to theprimitive, remote jungles of Honduras.It all takes place during the earlynineteen-eighties.Themes of actuality and truth become quite apparent in these works.Though completely different written pieces (Twelfth Night with its comedic enlightenment, and Mosquito Coast with its serious "growing up" style enlightenment) are both comprised of the latter truth element where an inevitable realization of reality is reached in the end.Note that the written permission of the copyright owners and/or other rights holders (such as publicity and/or privacy rights) is required for distribution, reproduction, or other use of protected items beyond that allowed by fair use or other statutory exemptions.Responsibility for making an independent legal assessment of an item and securing any necessary permissions ultimately rests with persons desiring to use the item.


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