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Due to scattering of data signals, the problem of multipath wave propagation arises.In infrastructure mode, base station act as the access point hub and all the nodes communicate through that hub.In ad hoc nodes use peer to peer method of communication with each other.It reduces errors and optimizes data speed by the combining the antennas at each end. It is very good topic for thesis and research in wireless communication.In traditional wireless communication methods, single antenna is used at source end as well as the destination end.There are various topics in wireless communication for thesis, project and research.Following are the list of current thesis topics in wireless communication: MIMO is an antenna-based technology of wireless communication in which both sender and receiver uses multiple antennas to enhance the capacity of a radio link.Radio communications are widely used in the United States and majority of it is used by law enforcement and emergency services.Police/Sheriff, Fire-Rescue, Highway Patrol, Ambulance and EMS are some of the agencies that use radio communications.When normal communication systems are overloaded, damaged, or disrupted because a disaster has occurred, or is likely to occur, an amateur station may make transmissions necessary to meet essential communication needs and facilitate relief actions.Wireless Communication is soon going to replace the traditional wired mode of communication.


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