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Turabian style of writing and formatting was created by Kate Turabian.

This style was adapted from the University of Chicago's ' Chicago' style of citation and was simplified for students and researchers.

Here are some additional online resources: Liberty University Writing Center Turabian Guide Liberty University School of Divinity Turabian Guide Watch the Jerry Falwell Library's webinar on Turabian here. In this book there are two basic documentation systems presented.

The first, and the most used, is the Notes-Biblography style, and the second is Author-Date style.

Plagiarism is a serious issue in an academic institution.

Always acknowledge your sources by citing them in proper format.

Now the editors of "The Chicago Manual of Style" have revised Turabian's "Manual" to bring the details of style into conformity with the fourteenth edition of "The Chicago Manual." This new edition of "Turabian" also reflects the way students work today, taking into account the role of personal computers in the preparation and presentation of their papers.

The familiar organization of this popular book remains largely unchanged.

Chapter 13, on manuscript preparation, shows how to take advantage of word processing software to present the elements of a paper clearly and effectively.

Chapter 14 offers more than two dozen sample pages illustrating ways of formatting some of the complex features found in many research papers.


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