Malcolm X Thesis Term Paper

Malcolm X Thesis Term Paper-63
African Americans have been persecuted all through history, yet two men endeavor to demonstrate that regardless of your past, education can be acquired by anybody.Douglass and Malcolm X share some similarities on how they learned to read and write.

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He knew better opportunities were possible if he were educated and not a slave.

He took a risk to become a better man, “ I was compelled to resort to various stratagems” (Douglass 100).

Being a slave caused him to be secretive and deceptive in his learning practices.

The potential consequences of being caught with learning materials were life altering.

Douglass states, “I feared they might be treacherous.” Unlike Douglass being social and receiving help from others around, Malcolm kept everything to himself and sought information on his own through books.

Malcolm X had more pride in his education and wasn’t afraid to share his knowledge, “Mr.

Even though Douglass had troubling times he pushed through the regrets, self consciousness, and doubts to educate himself, “I often found myself regretting my own existence, and wishing myself dead; and but for the hope of being free…” (Douglass 103).

Through learning, Douglass was enlightened by a subject that eventually brought success to his life and would change the world, “From this time I understood the words abolition and abolitionist, and always drew near when that word was spoken, expecting to hear something of importance to myself and fellow-slaves” (Douglass 104).

Despite the similarities, there were some differences in achieving their goal of obtaining a higher education. They both desired to learn how to properly read and write.

This goal was particularly challenging because they didn’t have a teacher.


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