Literature Review On Motivation And Performance

Literature Review On Motivation And Performance-25
Over time, it has been established that the main problem towards an effective motivation system is the ability for managers to examine and analyse the employee’s needs.

On a daily basis, banks are involved in various activities that require appropriate manpower and a highly effective team to function effectively.

As such, corporate goals are set and translated into viable realities only when employees play their due roles in achieving desired results (Ovadje and Ankomah, 2001).

Employee resourcing is a tool used to organisations to make sure that they get the employees needed and use them efficiently (Spector, 2000).

People work with an organisation and stay there when there are effective HR practices that give them a supportive work environment, thus, it is imperative that organisations develop effective policies that enable them to recruit, select, and retain competent employees (Locke and Latham, 1990).

In today’s chaotic business environment, success depends on employees utilising their talents.

Despite the myriad of available theories and practices, there have always been a misconception around motivation because individuals are motivated by different things or needs and in different ways (Ghebregiorgis and Karsten, 2007).Organisations are faced with a quickly changing environment and this has mean that they have to develop a more focused and coherent approach in how they manage people.And therefore the same way that organisations need a strategy for marketing or operation, they also need a strategy for managing their human resource (HR).This research is interested in investigating motivation in organisation.1.2 Statement of the Problem and Research Questions The Nigerian banking sector has grown from a few institutions who primarily were involved in deposit acceptance and trade finance into a complex multiplayer market where large number of financial institutions, commercial banks operate with diverse products and services.According to Mead and Andrew (2003), motivation can be seen as the foundation of management.It is the foremost task of every manager to create the zeal to work among employees and consequently motivate them.One of the key questions in all organisations is how to get employees to perform well.Most writers have established that the basic foundation for retaining high performing employees is to have them motivated (Steer et al., 2004).The research concludes by examining possible improvements of the present motivation systems used by managers.1.4 Significance of the Study It is apparent that an organisation cannot survive without human resources and thus hence the role of employees cannot be overemphasized.


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