Literature Research Proposal

Summarise and evaluate the usefulness of these previous studies in relation to your stated aim or research question.It is important that you show awareness of the most important and relevant theories, models, empirical studies and methodologies.Make clear how well these published studies address your research focus, by examining the extent to which they provide insight to, or answer, each of your research objectives or questions.

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If your research focus is on the nature of practice in some field (eg business management or science research) then what aspects of practice will you explore (eg managerial behaviour or scientific discovery? In thinking about aim and objectives it may be useful to keep in mind the purpose of most research.

Research is normally undertaken for differing (and sometimes overlapping) intellectual reasons: Once aims have been established, the next task is to formulate the objectives.

In this process the researcher begins by identifying a clear focus (aim and objectives or research questions), followed by a review of existing published knowledge around that focus (literature review).

This establishes for the researcher what is known and importantly what is not known.

Think of a research aim as an orange and the objectives as the segments.

You would not try to put the whole orange in your mouth.S/he then explains how they intend to investigate some aspect of the unknown (research design or methodology).This is followed by conclusions and a list of references.There should not be any case description or analysis in a proposal; case description and analysis should be written after you have done the research, and have something to analyse.The model of research proposal presented here is based on the idea that research follows a logical developmental process.It also allows us to assess the potential of the project, and whether we have sufficient expertise in the area to provide adequate supervision for your project.You can search our list of research supervisors to look for potential supervisors in your area of interest.Rather you would divide the orange into segments and eat each segment.In a similar way think of the research aim as a broad statement, which you need to divide into segments (subordinate objectives) in order to carry out the study.A hypothesis is a simple but testable statement that proposes that one factor (call it A) causes another factor (call it B) to behave in a certain way.word count: 600-750 Following your literature review, you should outline how you plan to go about collecting empirical data that will build the understanding required to fulfil your research aim, or test the hypotheses you have developed from your review of the literature.


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