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The description of the challenge should be relatively concise; the majority of the essay should focus on how you overcame it and how the experience affected you.One caveat: it's best to avoid writing about academic failures in your personal statement.

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If you're feeling stuck on your personal statement, use our list of topic ideas to kick off the brainstorming process.

Most law school personal statements say something about why the applicant wants to go to law school, so it's important to make your essay personal and unique to you. Instead, write a truthful essay that conveys sincere interest.

For example, some law schools will ask for specific information about you (e.g., academic background, professional experiences, personal identity), while others ask for a general personal statement.

Many law schools are most interested in why you want to pursue law, but not all.

Remember, your reasons can be personal, professional, academic, or a combination of all three.

A typical "why law school" essay will begin with a pivotal moment that led to your decision, then explain your short and long term goals, potentially including classes you want to take, specializations you plan to pursue, and the area of law you intend to practice.


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