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Eventually, just put a treat at the end of the page.The goal is to wean them off of needing or expecting the treat.They have probably had to sit still on a tiny rung spot with their legs folded under them way longer than they’ve ever had to. My kids love to check things off their Afterschool Checklist almost as much as I love crossing things off my to-do list because they are in control of how fast they move through the list. The faster they get their checklist done, the sooner they can go play.

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As they finish their work, slide the paper down until they get to the bottom of the sheet. Some brain break ideas: listening to music, dancing, coloring, building Legos, exercising, jumping, or these really cool brain breaks on youtube. Standing, jumping, bouncing, stretching, spinning…whatever their little bodies need. Let them finish their work while breathing in the fresh air.

It can be intimidating to sit down and finish all their work at once. If they can’t do these things while they actually work, encourage them to be active before and after homework time. Fresh air and oxygen will wake them up, refresh them, and get their brain moving.

My kids live for snacks, so they love to eat snack while they do their work. Offer them “brain food” during this time to boost their minds and memories: berries (especially blueberries), bananas, trail mix, sunbutter and jelly, and avocado (try guacamole and chips).

Offer up rewards for when they finish a row of their work…stickers, stars, or even a treat.

During the third week, don’t sit with them, but stay in the same room.

You can then graduate to being in and out of the room as needed.Because while a few kiddos might be excited to do homework because it makes them feel like a big kid, many kids balk at the idea of sitting down to do more work after their hours at school. The first and most important is create an afternoon schedule and routine and be consistent with it.Our Kindergarten kids may fight us every step of the way to complete their homework, mostly because they’re absolutely exhausted. These new students have been told what to do all day. My kids know they come home, hang up their backpacks and empty them, wash their hands, get a snack, and start their homework. Because if it’s something that happens every day, my kids know what to expect. You will set yourself up for a lifetime of homework ease if you instill in them now the expectation that homework is done right after school.Try working at a picnic table or on your back patio or balcony. If you write letters on the ground, have them run to the “C” or run to the letter that makes the /b/ sound.Since many kids learn best when they’re moving, encourage them to use their body’s to learn. When they’re starting to read, have them spell words by running to each letter.Inside: New students have a hard time working on homework.Kindergartners especially have no desire to sit still and often refuse to do their homework.Every month, you can increase the number of holes they need to earn the date. For our Kindergartners, we need to help them actually finish their homework. You need to choose what you think would motivate your child the most. We can’t expect these five-year-olds to sit and work independently in September. For the first week, sit next to them as they finish their work.Then the next week, sit across from while they work.If a whole math sheet overwhelms them, cover some of it up with another paper.You can cover up half of the paper or you can cover it all and just show one line at a time. For the next week, extend the work timer to six minutes, but keep the brain break time the same. Let them do their work on a bosu ball or on an indoor trampoline with a clipboard.


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