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Second, the personalised trust that characterises thick social ties bolsters confidence in Islamic banking.In rating Islamic banking as the most socially acceptable choice, family and peers are signalling confidence in the value and values of Islamic banking and are unwitting allies of the state and banks.

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Last, the study notes that shariah regulation has contradictory corollary effects: it is both functional and dysfunctional.

Whilst it functions in enabling the growth of Islamic banking, it also contributes to social fragmentation within Malaysian society.

Three ideal types that emerged from the data, the virtuoso, pragmatist and sceptic, are a used as a heuristic device to characterise the various interests driving trust in Islamic banking, and illustrate the heterogeneity of Islamic banking practices.

More specifically, based on an analysis of the consumers’ account of their Islamic banking practices, the choice of Islamic over ‘conventional’ banking is based on two important factors.

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This thesis aims to explain Malaysia’s success in promoting Islamic banking products to a critical mass of consumers.

More specifically, it seeks to explain the development and growth ineveryday Islamic banking practices amongst the Malay community in Kuala Lumpur.


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