How To Write A Short Research Proposal

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You should include an outline of the various stages and corresponding time lines for developing and implementing the research, including writing up your thesis.

For full-time study your research should be completed within three years, with writing up completed in the fourth year of registration.

For part-time study your research should be completed within six years, with writing up completed by the eighth year.

A research proposal informs the reader (your advisor) about the scope and scale of the issue or idea that you wish to explore in your project.

Your proposal should include the following sections: Research is not a summary of what is available on a given topic but an original analysis of a specific problem.

How To Write A Short Research Proposal Rights And Obligations Of Parents Essay In Urdu

A research problem is distinct from a topic in that it is more specific and orients research toward an analysis or solution. If you already know the answer to the question, or if it can be obtained through a few simple inquiries, it is not an adequate research problem.

The literature review section of your proposal is an opportunity to begin that conversation by reviewing the research to date, indicating what aspects of it your project will build upon and the ways that your proposed research differs from what has already been done.

You should be able to identify themes that emerge from the existing research as well as its shortcomings.

But having some sense of the result you expect will help keep your work focused on the relevant issues and will keep you alert to information which may lead to conclusions other than what you expected.

Keep in mind that this is an initial proposal for your research.


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