How To Practice Critical Thinking

How To Practice Critical Thinking-39
While this form of critical-reasoning-via-debate has great benefits for our collective knowledge, individually it doesn’t help quite so much.

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Therefore, if you’re only looking for why you’re right, you naturally ignore why you’re wrong.

However, another big part might be the social consequences of flip-flopping on your position.

Many well-known problems of human reasoning disappear once you get a group of people together and let them talk about it.

Discussing your decision or judgement with others is a good way to see your ideas refuted or let stronger ideas win the day.

So if the classic view of critical thinking is wrong, what’s the right way of doing it?

I think there’s two broad approaches that will work to make better decisions: This first strategy is to recognize what you’re actually doing when you’re reasoning about things and uses this knowledge to try to avoid making common mistakes.

While there’s some benefit of this, most of the work of learning a language is learning specific vocabulary.

Thus, if you want to learn Japanese, you’re best off learning Japanese vocabulary—mastering Latin first won’t help too much.

Depending on which module is more strongly activated by the context around you, its vote will get higher weight.

So if you’re hungry, scared, angry, sleepy, joyful or sad you may get different inputs into which decision is correct.


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