How To Assign Group Policy To Users In Server 2008

When you apply a group policy on a container or OU, it applies on all users or computers in that container.However, you can exclude a single or multiple users or containers from the policy applied. I’m not going to repeat every step, I’m basically starting at Step 3 from the first example.

Click Action – Create a GPO in this domain, and Link it here.

In this guide, I’ll show you step by step instructions on how to map network drives with Group Policy.

This example will map a drive for individual users.

This will give the users their own personal folder to save files.

If you’re still using login scripts then it’s time to switch to Group Policy.

Mapping drives with group policy is very easy and requires no scripting experience.Once logged I will go to file explorer and check for the mapped drive. Now, any user I put in the HR folder will get this mapped drive.If you don’t want to use an OU you can also target a group of users by using a Security group.Name the new GPOYou can name the new GPO whatever you like, I’ve named mine “Users – Mapped Drives I can later add additional drive mappings to this GPO.The new GPO is now created and linked, now it’s time to configure the settings.1. Navigate to User Configuration -Common Tab Settings Select “Run in logged on users’s security context Select Item-level Targeting Click the Targeting Button Select New Item Select Organization Unit then select the OU you want to target Click OK, Click OK again to close the new drive properties This completes the GPO settings For the GPO to run I will need to reboot the users PC or run gpupdate /force.This tutorial is written to show you how to exclude a single user from a group policy object. Click Start – Administrative Tools – Group Policy Management The Group Policy Management program opens. In the text box under Name enter in your preferred name for the GPO.You can also create a GPO directly in the required domain, site or OU container if you prefer. The New GPO is created and linked under your preferred domain (as shown below).Open Group Policy Management and select the domain you want to create the GPO, (for example, Cloud To learn how to configure a GPO in Group Policy Management, navigate to How to Configure a GPO in Group Policy Management.Just to be clear you must have folders setup on a network share that matches the location and users logon name. Just have the user log off and back on and it should map the M drive Perfect!My file server is file1, the share is users and in the user’s folder is a folder for each user. Now the user is mapping a department drive and a personal drive.


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