Higher Computing Coursework 2009

Higher Computing Coursework 2009-64
An exploration of the mathematics self-efficacy/mathematics performance correspondence. Science teaching and learning activities and students’ engagement in science.

An exploration of the mathematics self-efficacy/mathematics performance correspondence. Science teaching and learning activities and students’ engagement in science. Learning disabilities, gender, sources of efficacy, self-efficacy beliefs, and academic achievement in high school students.

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Results indicated that applied STEM coursework was predictive of increases in both math and science self-efficacy, except among females and students with disabilities (SWDs).

The relationship of mathematics self-efficacy expectations to the selection of science-based college majors. The Journal of Educational Research, 108(5), 382–399. The influence of applied STEM coursetaking on advanced mathematics and science coursetaking. With courses available for core curriculum, and solutions for intervention, test readiness, and summer school, Edgenuity’s learning solutions can help you support your students no matter what needs they have.Our flexible, online curriculum aligns to the Common Core, NGSS, and state standards. Does applied STEM course taking link to STEM outcomes for high school students with learning disabilities? Journal for Research in Mathematics Education, 20(3), 261–273. International Journal of Science Education, 35(8), 1325–1343. Beyond academic math: The role of applied STEM coursetaking in high school. From secondary to postsecondary: Charting an engineering “career and technical education” pipeline. Secondary school course classification system: School codes for the exchange of data (SCED). The Effect of Career and Technical Education on Human Capital Accumulation: Causal Evidence from Massachusetts.


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