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The thesis for this paper should answer the question “Hobby,” “sports,” “academic skills,” “career skills,” “life skills,” “cognitive skills,” “learning,” and “knowledge” are all too general. The thesis for this paper should answer the question , which addresses only one narrow aspect of the hobby or interest, such as vocabulary development and explains how it involves specific academic skills, tying back to the thesis with keywords of synonyms. Example: “Learning to Read with Comics.” Imagine your paper is a movie, a song, and a rock group. Movie: “Super Reader” Song: “Comic Extravaganza” Rock group: “Graphic Nova” B.

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Foreword former modern language association president (2008), prominent education theorist, and ace founding adviser, gerald graff, tells a story in his essay “hidden intellectualism” of how he learned to be an intellectual not in school, which he really didn’t like, but by arguing about sports (especially baseball, especially the cubs) with his friends.

Gerald graff's article those not familiar with this school of thought may be interested to know that it boils down to the intellects out in the streets who never attended school in the article hidden intellectualism the author gerald graff takes pessimists stand in his open statement to support his argument that intellects do not exist only .

A summary of “hidden intellectualism” by gerald graff: in his essay “hidden intellectualism” gerald graff offers a critique of the education system for overlooking the intellectual potential of those who possess unconventional “street smarts”.

Hidden intellectualism summary in the short story “hidden intellectualism” written by gerald graff, he argues that regular topics such as sports, media, others are just as important in the writing process as subjects written by historical figures.

(Brief intro to issue) This fact is shocking, of course, but maybe Americans aren’t reading as well as they should because they haven’t found books that interest them.

(Brief intro to main source material) In the essay, “Hidden Intellectualism,” Gerald Graff, a University of Chicago professor of Education and English, that teachers and professors should encourage reading by getting their students to read about topics of interest them.Below is an essay on hidden intellectualism from anti essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples “hidden intellectualism” gerald graff’s “hidden intellectualism” explains the difference between academic intelligence and “street smarts” in today’s society as a student.1the essay should at least have 3 paragraph which including restatement, description and interpretation of the article “hidden intellectualism” (by gerald graff) 2 and the thesis in this review essay should be write it in 3 different types, which is (1) disagree with reason (2) agree with reason & (3) agree & disagree simultaneously.Worksheet for the Body Paragraphs of the Finding Your Hidden Intellectualism Paper First step: review the writing assignment!In the lefthand column, list the main academic skills you are going to write about in your paper. In the middle column associate them with a particular aspect of the hobby or interest you have chosen, then in the righthand column, tie it into school, job, or daily life. A: Concluding sentence(s) (Show how this skill can be useful in education and careers, or tie the evidence back into the topic sentence or thesis of the paper.): Example: These examples show that many comics, especially ones on serious themes, can teach complex vocabulary, a necessary element of advanced reading.In hidden intellectualism by gerald graff, he begins with the argument of “street-smarts” versus “school-smarts” graff explains that school-smarts can be hidden within street smarts and can be learnt through not just talking with friends, but also from the media and our surroundings, hence the “hidden” intellectualism.The article “hidden intellectualism” by gerald graff is adapted from his 2003 book “clueless in academe: how schooling obscures the life of the mind” in the article graff critiques the approach schools take towards teaching literature.In his essay “hidden intellectualism,” gerald graff argues that intellectualism is not something that can only be archived through proper education like school or college, but with subjects that people consider non academics as sports and cars.Hidden intellectualism, by gerald graff 1212 words | 5 pages hidden intellectualism society believes there are two types of people, when it comes to dexteritythere are those who have the knowledge and skills necessary for academics.For example, the lefthand column could be “Pictures illustrate difficult words,” the middle column could be “vocabulary,” and the third column could be “a visual memory of difficult words.” T: Claim #1: Topic sentence(s) (aspect of hobby, subcategory of academic skill, and tie in to school, career, or daily life): Example: Pictures in comic books help readers to understand and remember vocabulary by giving them a visual memory of difficult words.”E: List evidence, examples, anecdotes, statistics, quotes, summaries, paraphrases: Examples: Jim Dixson, “In Defense of Comics” learned “invulnerable” from superman comics. Maus by Art Spiegelman: liquidate, meshuga, neurotic, caricature, pragmatic . Check: Does your topic sentence fit with your main thesis?Does every piece of evidence fit with the topic sentence?


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