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Visual creativity a Graphic Design CV is fine, but this should never impinge on the clarity of the text.If you use images or limited colour, ensure that it does not detract from the effectiveness of the written communication.Above all, you should show that as a graphic designer, you understand the functionality of a Graphic Designer CV as a document and are able to adopt a design approach that respects what the CV is intended to do.

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The more specific information you can offer, the easier the employer will find it to envisage you working in their organisation or agency.

If you have won any awards, received written commendations from clients or had work exhibited, then you can also include this information under your achievements section on your Graphic Design CV.

An achievement is an area where you personally made a difference through your contribution, so consider including design projects where your role was significant.

You can, of course, include a link to your portfolio in a Graphic Designer CV - a hyperlink is fine, but remember your CV may also be printed off, so don't use anchor text instead of a readable URL.

Transferable skills, which can be used in any job, are highly valuable - think about communication and interpersonal skills, work prioritisation, adherence to deadlines, teamwork, etc.

A CV writer at Bradley CVs needs to identify and capture what is special about our clients and you need to do exactly the same if you want to produce a graphic design CV that will grab the attention of employers.While budgets are impossible to include, feedback and reviews are valuable information.As there is a technical aspect to a graphic designer's work, it's worth including a Skills section on a Graphic Design CV.It's still important to have an online portfolio, either on your own website or your own page on a shared portfolio site - it will always be easier for an employer to click back and forth on a single site, rather than follow a string of individual links on your Graphic Designer CV.This should not prevent you from writing an effective CV, as this amounts to your introduction. A professional CV writing company such as Bradley CVs can expertly write your CV and sell your skills, ability and experience to an employer, making them want to interview you.multimedia, content management systems) by introducing a small number of subheadings into your table.Don't take up too much room on your Graphic Designer CV with this.If so, a badly printed, visually busy and less than readable document will quickly be put aside.In 3 or 4 lines at the top of a Graphic Design CV, you need to summarise your professional experience and skills as a designer.This will provide more 'at a glance' clarity for the reader, and will save you having to repeat lists of applications and packages throughout your CV.If you wish, you can categorise your skills as advanced, intermediate and basic, but this isn't essential.


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