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GCSE and IGCSE are qualifications which are at the same level.

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There were two anomalies in the graph; the first was because this point was the closest to the CBD making it the densest. Conclusion Also Southgate has a big residential area surrounding it so therefore there are only locals commuting to Southgate.

Because those who come to Hitchin aren't locals they use it more as a shopping centre so therefore it doesn't sell convenience items Southgate sells more low order goods than Hitchin. The land in Southgate is mainly used by commuters and people living locally. I used the question, 'How often do you come to Southgate? ' Because those who come to Hitchin aren't locals they use it more as a shopping centre so therefore it doesn't sell convenience items.

The CBD has such a high density because there is a tube station.

Many locals use the tube to get to work; furthermore there is a bus station around the station, making the CBD the most important means of transport.

This tells me that Southgate is possibly more congested than Hitchin.

Both have the same general view that as the further from the CBD you are the pedestrian density decreases.

Furthermore there is a market place close to the CBD which will furthermore attract people closer to the centre. I know there are more people near the CBD as I counted 281.

I counted the pedestrian density in four different places near the CBD, and all four places had a high pedestrian density.


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