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They were very upset with how the land was divided up because they could not profit from the small strips of land that were given to them.

The working class was very angry about the horrible working and living conditions.

The other national groups wanted to put an end to Russification.

The Tsar would not share some of his power with the people because of his autocratic rule.

The people blamed the loss of the Russo Japanese War on the Tsar and the war brought even worse conditions than before.

The war took place in the spring of 1905, and was ended by a peace treaty in September.Another long-term factor was how the middle class was very disappointed with the government. The tsarist regime was able to the 1905 revolution for a number of key reasons such as the support of the armed forces and key point that the opposition's aims were not to overthrow the tsarist regime itself.The Tsar, as an autocrat, refused to share his power with the people. The spark of the 1905 Revolution was ultimately Bloody Sunday. Many long lasting factors contributed to the 1905 Revolution. Bloody Sunday was the official start of the 1905 Revolution. More and more peasants by 1905 were competing for the land available. Prices rose in the cities as the war caused shortages of food and other goods. However in the 1917 revolution these points and many other factors are reversed against Tsar Nicholas II and he is unable to bring the rising masses of Russia under control and therefore the 1917 February revolution succeeded in forced the abdication of the Tsar and with him the Tsarist regime. To generate 1917 revolution, there was still a big factor, the revolution of 1905. The failure govern of House of Romanov was directly causing the revolution. In addition, The First World War played a crucial role in the factor to cause the 1917 revolution. Perhaps the best way of explaining this is to look at why the 1905 revolution was not successful and state the changes that occurred since then. These strikes had the power of showing that the Tsar was losing authority over the country and, more importantly, it stopped the country from functioning causing shortages of basic necessities and of arms for the wars in which Russia was involved both in 19. The formation of soviets, a factor which had greatly stirred revolution in 1905, also helped the 1917 revolution to be successful because it joined together the opposition...The spark of the 1905 Revolution was ultimately Bloody Sunday.The furious proletariat city workers and Father Gapon were forced to journey to the Winter Palace with a petition to stop the devastation.The population boom in Russia from 1867-1896 was felt most drastically by the peasants.The increase of 30 million people in less than 30 years was too great that the land to the peasants' disposal did not increase sufficiently.Again, the government tried to help by passing factory acts to restrict the amount of hours one could work.However, their efforts were at too small a scale to have any real effect.The petition sought truth, justice, and protection. Many long lasting factors contributed to the 1905 Revolution.The Russian peasants were extremely dissatisfied with the living conditions.


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