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But if attitudes themselves were affected or influenced by past behaviours, the connection must be more intricate.

That mean even if we know attitudes, we still can just predict behaviour very weakly.

Enjoying our freedom does not mean that we disregard the rights of others and live the way we feel right.

We have to consider the rights and the feelings of people around us when living our freedom.

So as a result of Wicker's argument there are others factors that have to be considered to predict behaviours more accurately.

(Kelli Mc Cormark Brow,1999,p.1), 2 As a result of Wicker's argument Ajzen and Fishbein studied deeper the way how attitudes could affect behaviours.

Freedom is the absence of any pressure from the social, political and religious environment that we live in. While some think of it as the opportunity to act freely and personify ideas, others are of the view that it is about the possibility of doing what you want to do regardless of the impact on the other people.

For a prisoner, being out of the prison means freedom.

A child is free to be loved and cared by parents and other members of family and play around.

So this nurturing may be the idea of freedom to a child.


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