Essays On Raising The Driving Age To 18

Essays On Raising The Driving Age To 18-26
No fear I'm not one of those who looks back to my teenage days as unblemished by any stupid behaviour. I got my license when I was 16 and was technically a good driver (the inspector said my reactions were in the top 90 per cent) but had little fear and almost no judgment.I was involved in several accidents and fortunately no one was hurt.

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As a general rule I place the musings of insurance company's right up there with Pinocchio when his nose was longest.

Especially I have little if any regard for the musings of Allstate with whom I once worked as an adjustor and who later on were occasional clients of my law firm.

I had no business having a driver's license nor did 75 per cent of my friends.

(That figure would be higher today because when I was a kid, girls were much safer than boys -- a difference that no longer exists).

That would usually be matched by an even more hair-raising story.

Just wait a bit It seems to me we must ask ourselves a question. Actually that's easy -- the courts have long held that it's a privilege. Do we extend that privilege to people as soon as they are big enough to drive a car?But who ever said life would be "fair." And is it really that unfair?We set all sorts of rules so we can have an orderly society.Government, therefore, should establish age limits and school lessons for drivers to increase their knowledge about safety from accidents on roads.This will help to safe road crushes and drink driving.The blows to the family, friends and communities are hard and the pain runs deep.As a father who lost a 17-year-old daughter due to reckless driving (her own), I know about the pain and what it so tragically does to the security of the family affected.The answer is no because there are lots of kids of 12 who are big enough.It must be, then, that we grant the license when a person is mature enough and we have arbitrarily decided that this happens on the 16th birthday. Of course there are some very responsible drivers under the age of 19 and it would be unfair to take away their right -- I mean privilege -- to drive.Other drugs weren't fashionable in those days but with the amount of booze we drank it didn't matter.On a Monday morning when, just before school went in, we were having a cigarette down the alley, you could depend upon one kid saying "I was so shit-faced Saturday night I drove home with one eye on the centre line and the other closed".


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