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The soldiers no longer saw any wrong in the murder of Jews, or anyone opposing the murder of the Jews.They even sought out ways in which they could hurt or kill Jews without even being ordered to so do: “Col.The sheer volume of propaganda, which pervaded into all aspects of a soldier’s life, made it possible for the Nazi party to convince the soldiers to kill Jews without any moral qualms.

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This was an essay for an assignment which received 23/25 on the role of propaganda and terror in Nazi Germany.

It highlights the different features and stages undertaken by those in power to ensure the synchronization and control over the German state.

This would make it much easier for the soldiers to kill them, since they did not view the Jews as human.

Faced at every turn with anti-Semitic and pro-German propaganda made it difficult, if not impossible, to resist Hitler’s racist teachings: “Many of the Nazi perpetrators were very young men.

They were entirely convinced that killing the Jews was the only way to resolve Germany’s problems.

The soldiers no longer had any reservations in regards to killing innocents, and instead went about their task with enthusiasm: “Germans routinely took initiative in killing Jews, both by customarily carrying out their orders with dedication and inventiveness, and, frequently, by taking it upon themselves to kill Jews even when they had no orders to do so, or could have left it to others.”[9] It is evident that soldiers were not forced or coerced to kill Jews – rather, they did so of their own free will, due to Hitler’s propaganda.The propaganda that they used ensured that these soldiers would have ideological reasons to kill Jews, and therefore would be willing to do so.The soldiers’ basic training included a unit on ideology: “A five-part study plan of January 1941 included the subsections ‘Understanding of Race as the Basis of our World View’, ‘The Jewish Question in Germany’, and ‘Maintaining the Purity of German Blood’…”[8] The soldiers were in this fashion educated of the supposed evils of the Jewish race.In the Holocaust, six million Jews were systematically exterminated by the Nazis.Today, the cold and calculating murder of millions of people is unthinkable, but in the minds of Hitler’s Nazis, anti-Semitism was a righteous and moral cause.Hitler’s soldiers were whole-hearted supporters of anti-Semitism and German superiority.This devout adherence to Hitler’s views was entirely due to the propaganda used by the Nazi party, which was not only extremely convincing but also permeated into all aspects of a soldier’s life.In this way, soldiers could be instructed of various “facts” that the Nazi party believed, such as, “the Jewish people is the people of the Devil.It is a people of criminals and murderers.”[6] This helped the Nazi party to establish their values within their own soldiers and ensure that they had a force that was “not just efficient soldiers and policemen, but ideologically motivated warriors, crusaders against the political and racial enemies of the Third Reich.”[7] The Nazis realized that soldiers were unlikely to kill other human beings who were unarmed unless they had significant motivation to do so.In films of Adolf Hitler’s Nazis marching the streets in military displays, there is a chilling atmosphere of complete conformity and belief in Nazism.The soldiers seem never-ending in number and proudly sing traditional German songs, marching simultaneously as though they were one single entity bent on achieving Hitler’s goals[1].


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