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His scheming, and the King's mounting of a counter-force drive the plot of the first storyline.Falstaff's shenanigans at the Boar's Head Tavern and various criminal activities form the substance of the second storyline.Grade Saver provides access to 1215 study guide PDFs and quizzes, 9407 literature essays, 2423 sample college application essays, 424 lesson plans, and ad-free surfing in this premium content, “Members Only” section of the site!

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If there is one quality that distinguishes Shakespeare from all other playwrights it is his uncanny ability to breathe life into his characters.

Most playwrights write plots before they write characters.

What does it tell us about Renaissance marriage and the role of women in general?

How does Shakespeare connect this analysis to the forward motion of his plot?

Yet Shakespeareâs literary account of this historical figure is not merely a diary of a royal...

In Henry IV, Shakespeare presents a troubled England with a king whose grip on the throne is tenuous at best.They wound [his] thoughts worse than [the Prince's] sword [his] flesh (l.... Hotspur displaces Harry in his father’s eyes, for instance, and Harry must win back the place he has lost (by killing Hotspur). How (and why) are they resolved—if they are resolved? Many critics have found Falstaff more fascinating than any other character in the play.Shakespeare gives his reader a central metaphor through which to... I paint my face and travel at night." Ralph Reed, as quoted in The Virginian Pilot and Ledger Star, 11/9/91Attaining "invisibility," or privacy from the glaring eye of the public, remains a distinct desire of modern...The world of Shakespeare has many beloved heros and loathed villains, but never so beloved a villain as Sir John Falstaff.These two characters, considered as youths and future rulers to...In his histories from Richard II through Henry V to Richard III, Shakespeare depicts the English monarchy as a game between family and friends of vying for a gold ring -- the crown.Similarly, Falstaff has displaced King Henry IV as Harry’s father figure. The critic Harold Bloom, for instance, takes a cue from Hegel in claiming that Falstaff and Hamlet are Shakespeare’s two most intelligent characters: they are, as Hegel claims, “free artists of themselves,” self-aware beings who invent themselves through their own self-descriptions; in fact, they are “men made out of words.” What do you think Bloom means by this?Consider the way in which Falstaff uses words, humor, and punning not only to negotiate the world around him, but also to constantly describe and redescribe himself.What is the impression of Falstaff that we ultimately come away with, and where (or with whom) does it originate? Think about Act II, scene iv, in which Hotspur is confronted by his wife about his plans for the rebellion.What does this scene tell us about Hotspur’s character?


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