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If you’ve found your way to this blog, we assume that you have begun to think about that often-neglected section of the GMAT – the AWA!If wishes could come true, we’re guessing that GMAT aspirants would have wished away the AWA section away by now!If you cover this much practice ground, you’re good to go! One of the best things about the AWA section is that you know all of the questions beforehand ( yes, they’re all up there on the GMAC site – Analytical Writing Section ).

We call it the Crack Verbal AWA Template on Steroids!

🙂 This should take you about 5 minutes: Type out your prepared template response. We definitely do not recommend that you use the same words.

In the few minutes before you start, you can jot down the template on your scratchpad, so that you don’t have to remember it anymore.

Also, because you can plan many of your sentences beforehand, you can get at least a 100 words down before you even read the question!

To top it off, it does not even add to your final score!

We can understand why it isn’t your favorite section on the GMAT 🙂 But here’s the good news!Many of these facts will ease your AWA fears and bring a smile to your face! ), to test your readiness for an MBA program and for your post-MBA career. On the AWA, you need to be a lawyer, that is, you need to find faults with the given argument.One of the skills you will definitely need post-MBA is an ability to analyze an argument impartially and convey your perspective clearly. You do not need to be a journalist, that is, you do not need to write about all possible perspectives of an issue.There are not many shortcuts to mastering GMAT Quant and Verbal, but there are shortcuts to cracking the AWA section.By the time you finish reading this guide, you will know what these hacks are.Also remember, that this is an analysis, not an opinion piece. Unlike the Quant and Verbal sections, where your thumb-rule should be to get as high a score as possible, we’d suggest that you do not expend too much mental energy on the AWA, trying to score a 6 on 6.Do not bring YOUR perspective and your opinions into the essay. Getting a perfect 6 will look good on your GMAT score card, and will sound great as you’re telling your friends about it. The AWA is graded by an E-reader application and by a human reader.It is advisable to keep in mind the order that would be helpful for you and prepare for the AWA based on that strategy.This is a recent change to the GMAT test structure. We have done a detailed analysis of what this means to an Indian GMAT test-taker in the this blog GMAT Section Selection – Everything you need to know 8.There are a lot of templates on the internet – probably the most famous one being the Chineseburned AWA template.At Crack Verbal, we have our own template for the AWA, a modified version of the Chineseburned template.


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