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This can be a contributing factor which can ultimately increase their ability to be violent many years later.

Lastly it is important to mention here the case that goes against media violence can only be made by assimilating the confirmation from a number of approaches to research.

The factor that affects the influence of violence in media on children and teenagers is not the content or the theme of the program, but the viewer’s perception towards violence.

It has been found that rather than the behaviour, it is the perception of the violent acts that are depicted on-screen and the context in which it occurs that are affected by the violence in media (Kirsh, 2012, p.204).

Television is the most popular form of media that affects a child’s life in different growth stages and impacts on how they perceive and act in......?

The Effect of Mass Media on Children The Effect of Mass Media on Children Introduction Elements of the mass media have grown to be an omnipresent factor in the lives of many children around the world.

There are cross sectional survey studies in which an individual’s ability to behave aggressively is highly dependent on the amount of media violence to which the person is exposed hence these have a high external validity as far as determining a relationship between violence and violent behaviour are concerned.

However they still lack mentioning in detail how a casual process is involved.

While adults are sometimes able to think critically regarding the continuing information they are exposed to, and so limit the effects of the negative information they receive, children and adolescents have not developed the cognitive ability to lessen the effect on their own lives, of the images and behaviors they encounter in the media.

Hence the current concerns of scientists, governments and parents to understand more fully, and address more effectively, any negative consequences arising... Effects of Media Violence on Children Due to the constant, unwavering implementation of media into the everyday lives of children, there has been much speculation as to the effect that media has on its young audience.


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