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Make sure you are meeting NCAA requirements if you want to play Division I or II sports in college. Meet with your guidance counselor to review your courses for this year and plan your schedule for senior year.Save samples of your best work for your academic portfolio all year. Junior-year PSAT scores may qualify a student for the National Merit Competition and the National Achievement and the National Hispanic Scholars programs.

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Grades also are used to determine scholarships for high school juniors and grants for which you may be eligible.

So put in the extra effort and keep those grades up!

So even though these scores will not be used for college admission, it is still a good idea to take the PSAT.

The more times you take standardized tests, the more familiar you will become with the format and the types of questions asked.

Check out websites like to find more scholarships or your college's counseling office. If you live in a larger city with public transportation, not as many high schoolers are driving because it's not as important to them. However if you live in a rural area or a suburban area that does not have public transportation, it is very different.

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In these areas, a large majority of high school juniors are driving.High School Prom is special because aside from socialization, students can achieve a greater personality development.Also, traditionally, high school prom is about the handing over of the responsibilities of seniors to juniors.A junior in high school is in his or her 3rd year of high school. Most juniors are 16-17 years old, give or take a year depending on when the student started school, and whether or not they applied themselves.Yes, they can, but only if you also have a really good SAT or ACT score and the college you are attending offers full tuition scholarships for high academic performance.Most corporate scholarships base scholarships off of high academic performance AND extracurriculars or community service.A good website for high school students to use are: These are some of the many suggested website recommended by many highschool teachers as they helps you find the best scholarships that fit your criterias. There are many scholarships that are only offered for students enrolled in a 2 or 4 year institution.The amount of high school athletes who receive scholarships to college is very small.The sport with the highest percentage of high school participants earning at least a partial athletic scholarship is girls golf at 1.6 percent. The best place to look for grant programs and scholarships would be at your local high school and college.If you will require financial aid, start researching your options for grants, scholarships for high school juniors and work-study programs.Make an appointment with your guidance counselor or start by visiting


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