Essay On Uses And Abuses Of Nuclear Energy

Essay On Uses And Abuses Of Nuclear Energy-62
which the nuclei of atoms are joined together or fused together by colliding them with each other at very high speed.This happens only under very hot conditions that are specially created for reaction to take place.

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The opposite is true for the reverse process, nuclear fission, fusion process generally occurs for lighter elements only, and on the other Nuclear power plants are the scope of future.

Today there are a lot of non-conventional energy sources being explored by the scientist. As day by day demand for energy is increasing, the energy sources are also being depleted side by side; hence a day will come when all the conventional sources would be extinguished.

Nuclear fission is the source of the energy of the Sun like all other stars.

The nuclear fusion reaction in sun takes place powerful and destructive weapon, also works by the principle of nuclear fusion.

Many types of nuclear reactions are currently known and being used.

Nuclear fission differs importantly from other types of nuclear reactions, in that it can be amplified and sometimes be controlled by a nuclear chain reaction (one type of general chain reaction).Presently, nuclear energy provides for approximately 16% of the world's electricity and about 6% of the world's energy.The nuclear reactors that we have today work on the principle of nuclear fission.While coal, petroleum etc are the conventional sources of energy, various other sources of energy such as atomic energy or nuclear energy are also becoming popular these days.Nuclear energy is the prospect of future and there is a lot of research work going on in this field these days.Nuclear power poses many threats to people as well as the environment.These threats include the problems are due to radioactive material being used in these plants and concern mostly the processing, transport and storage of radioactive nuclear waste, the risk of nuclear weapons proliferation and terrorism.In various nuclear devices, particularly all nuclear fission occurs as a whole nuclear reaction which is a bombardment-driven process that results from the collision of only two subatomic particles and may be a dangerous process.Nuclear reactions are thus driven by the mechanics of bombardment.Fusion reaction of light elements is the source of power of the stars and produces virtually all elements in a process called nucleosynthesis.The fusion of two nuclei with relatively lower atomic masses than iron generally releases energy, while the fusion of nuclei heavier than iron leads to absorption of energy.


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