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Unlike other novels with pre-quels, Beyond The Chocolate War does not give readers a disadvantage and unfulfilling plot if they have not read the pre-quel.

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He is also the author of After The First Death the set novel for year 10 this year.

As the names suggest, these books revolve around the same classification: conflict however these are not your common books about pure physical war and battle but it adresses the other side of conflict – the thoughts racing though the characters minds.

Beyond The Chocolate War, a novel written by Robert Cormier is the compelling sequel to The Chocolate War.

Robert Cormier is a successful writer who pictures the typical lives of everyday people with extraordinary talent.

There are many themes in Beyond The Chocolate War that all contribute to the composition on the story.

Relationships, sexual desires, fighting, revenge, murder, rape, assault, anxiety/distress/trouble (very much so), rebellion, suicide, school values, secret societies and authority.

He very carefully nurtures the plot and story through not only the actions but the thinking of people to build up to a complex climax.

The genre of Beyond The Chocolate War is a psychological thriller that deals with the darker side side of human nature.

Obie abhors his role in the inclusion to the senseless pranks but after an “assignment” placed upon Obie and his girlfriend that involved an attempted rape without his knowing, he plans for the destruction of Archie Costello. The chapters that describes David’s thoughts are like a time bomb waiting to go off, keeping the reader on the edge of their seat.

The title is significant as it refers to the happenings beyond/after The Chocolate War, other than that the title does not show some other deeper meaning. ” To make it even more realistic he includes various swear words and profane language in the students dialogues.


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