Essay On Student And Social Services

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In India where the poor and underprivileged are so many, social service has a great importence, and a very large scope too.

Today we hear of social service or social welfare organizations manned by men and women but we see that most of these organizations are not rendering service at the very grassroot level.

If the student community joins hands, and also participates in the project at least during their vacations, we will get a major active force helping us and the achievement will be tremendous.

The students can also help us in our awareness programmes.

What the real problem with us is that we have not really understood the value of social service.

In real essence, social service means serving people who are of no personal utility to us.

In doing this they will also develop the thought of dignity of labour which is sadly lacking in us Indians.

Thus, if we take into confidence, our student community, and share our problems with them, I am sure they have a great potential of helping us out of the wilderness of illiteracy, health hazards etc.

When we see both government and social service organizations working towards the goal of social upliftment, we forget a great force in the country which can be an asset to this and that force is the student community.

If this community is mobilized to help the Government and welfare agencies, the task will become easier and the results will be more tangible.


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