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Besides it serves as a sense-making and control mechanism for fitting employees in the organization. The trends in leadership studies reveal a plethora of the different aspects of leadership and yet there is no universally accepted definition or model of a leader.

The first dominant framework on leadership was the Trait Theory or the “Great Men” Theory which was proposed in the early twentieth century.

Organisations having an adaptive culture and aligning it to the business goals have always got a competitive advantage over others.

In order to achieve results like this, an organisation will have to understand its culture, evolution, patterns and future requirements. The culture of leadership for many organizations has been that of isolated leadership, where the leaders are completely isolated from the team of the employees and other subordinates that they lead, interacting with them only through issuing orders on the tasks that such subordinates should undertake, and how they should be undertaken.

Culture describes the frontier between one association and another by assigning a sense of individuality to its members.

It augments the steadiness of the social system by making possible the creation of commitment to anything bigger than self-interest. Meaning Leadership is defined as the skill to persuade a group towards the attainment of goals.In line with this, HP’s core ideology includes “deep respect for individual, a dedicatin to affordable quality and reliability, a commitment to community responsibility, and a view that the company exists world is constantly changing and organizations have to find ways through which they can change with the times in order to maximize their returns.The organization’s culture must make it possible for company to be adaptable to change that might benefit it.The leadership of any organization has to keep a keen eye on organizational culture such that they can adjust the leadership behaviour accordingly.When organizational leadership integrates organizational culture, the strategy for accomplishing organization’s mission is adjusted and this influences the job satisfaction level of the employees........This was before the organizational change that will be discussed in this report.INTRODUCTION It has been said that organizations are built to be immortal and to survive beyond the individuals who initiated the......).Mid-twentieth century saw the rise of the Behaviourist school of leadership which emphasized on the actions and dominant behaviour of the leaders and highlighted the leaders’ behaviour on the job, use of authority and task-relationship orientation.Later, scholars such as Fred Fiedler realised that a leader must match his/her situation and leadership style should vary depending on the situation and context.However, while leadership requires being firm so as to realize the objectives set by any given organization, the isolation of leaders from their team does not serve to enable the organizations to enhance their performance, but to drag the pace at which search objectives are met (Bass & Riggio, 2006 p12). ORGANISATIONAL CULTURE WITHIN THE EAST NEASDEN DIETORY DEPARTMENT This paper will attempt to recognize the complexity, dynamics, fiction and fantasy around the management issues and organizational change problems inside East Neasden Dietary Department.This case study was about the efficiency in a unit of a district health authority, and it can be seen that the organization was more like a big family and therefore possesses a kind of family culture.


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