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On the flip side, the disadvantages of the same cannot be overlooked.

Firstly, some foreign tourists might get fooled by the caretakers of the museum as they do not know anything about the charges to be paid and can do away with the extra money recovered from those tourists justifying that "Money is the root of all evils." Also, charging of fees might create a heavy burden on parents of the school students who are planning for a picnic spot to the museum.

Most of museums to educate citizens allow people to pay small amounts of money, since governments subsidize some portion of total budget.

Also private museums tend to bigger amounts of entrance fee than national museums.

Some museums employ special guides to give information, whileother museums offer headsets so that people can listen to detailed commentary about the exhibition.

In this way, museums play an important role in teaching people about history,culture, science and many other aspects of life.In an ultimate analysis, the above argument would indicate that museum must be utilize for both purposes entertainment and education. However,a good museum should be able to offer an interesting, enjoyable and educational experience.So that people have fun and learn something at the same time.It sounds as adventurous activity and more enjoyable for visitors.Moreover,visitors can get information about history and biography of country.Museums in the world run by a variety of purposes and budgets.In the past while the majority of museums were managed by governments and national authorities, various theme museums by private owners appeared these days.In modern era, Museum approach as a prominent aspect of education and entertainment.It contributes to the attraction of country and beneficial for the enhancement of educational eunsi Some museums charge for admission while others are free.To what extent do you think that the advantages of charging people for admission outweigh its disadvantages?


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