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Without advertisement, many forms of mass media such as newspapers, radio, magazines, and television, might not exist as they do today.Advertising positively impacts society because it helps maintain mass communications media, making them much less expensive for the public.

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He references specific ad campaigns as examples to demonstrate the ways in which advertisements deliver what he believes to be “useful” information for the public.

Calfee describes the ways in which companies bring certain issues to the public’s attention in order to get the public to realize the benefits that a certain product possesses. The public health experts realized that a diet consisting of more fiber could help prevent cancer.

The effects that advertising has on society have a long and heated debate, with a wide array of opinions on the subject.

Opinions range from the advertising executive, who believes that their company is doing society a favor by providing them with valuable information, to the market researcher, who admits to their sneaky practices.

From the classics like data derived from demographic, geographic and ethnographic sources to more forward thinking solutions like facial recognition, body language biometrics and even genetic profiling.

Public service advertisements are often the first things considered when people discuss the positives of advertisements.However, other nonprofit organizations, the government, faith-based organizations and private companies also run public service marketing campaigns. In addition to public service advertisements, traditional advertisements that market a product or service can offer social benefits.This is especially true in countries where free speech has been suppressed.I’ve tried to include information to serve as a starting point for the unpublished research.So far, I’ve discovered one consistent anomaly and constant feedback loop.This means that if one company advertises their product in a misleading way, another company with a similar product can be relentless with comparative advertising.In fact, companies support our entertainment with their ads, while receiving little benefit at all.Newton’s third law of motion combined with the Chaos Theory comes to mind when analyzing the findings.The question “what are the positive and negative effects of advertising on the world” is still the motivation.The National Cancer Institute wanted to get the word out to the public, but did not have the resources to do so.The Kellogg All- Bran Campaign quickly saw the opportunity in the situation because their cereal contained “nine grams of fiber”.


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