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Your transplant team is here to help you evaluate your health options early on, and make the treatment choice that is right for you.We can help you understand the risks and benefits of transplant surgery versus dialysis, and the advantages of having a live donor kidney compared to a deceased donor organ.

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Assessment does not depend on age or ethnic background but on whether you are fit enough to have the operation, recover from the surgery and manage living living with a transplant .

So if you have evidence of heart disease, chest condition or other problems, special investigations will be undertaken to assess whether the risks to you are too great for transplantation.

Spending a long time on dialysis does not ruin your chances of having a kidney transplant.

But research shows that getting a transplant sooner rather than later is generally the best approach because of the health problems dialysis can cause over time.

So given the choice, patients who find a donor match and opt for transplantation tend to do better than those who elect to live on dialysis.

Preemptive transplantation refers to kidney transplantation before a patient needs to start dialysis therapy.

Preemptive transplant is especially beneficial for patients with type 1 diabetes who need both a kidney transplant and a subsequent deceased donor pancreas transplant.

Even though kidney transplant is major surgery with a phased recovery period, it can, in comparison to dialysis, offer you the opportunity for a longer, more satisfying life.

We will carefully and clearly explain your options, offer advice and support, and help you and your loved ones make the best treatment choice.

If you are diagnosed with failing kidneys before you need dialysis, treatment can sometimes prevent (or certainly delay) their complete failure.


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