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from On the Nonduality of Good and Evil: Buddhist Reflections on the New Holy War Loy discusses how the duality of good vs evil leads to an endless cycle of violence and offers a Buddhist way out. "I argue that during the Woods affair, Buddhism was deployed in the service of a pre-existing narrative of conflict between conservatives and liberals that permeates the current U. Charles Muller: Zen Buddhism and Western Scholarship: Will the Twain Ever Meet?

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Thubten Gyatso, Lama Zopa Rinpoche and Thich Nhat Hanh.

Bernard Faure: Chan/Zen Studies in English: the State of the Field Originally published in .

from Neils Hammer: The Importance of Hinayana and Mahayana: Hammer reviews two translations by Christian Lindtner of sutras from both traditions and "concentrate[s] on a couple of points raised by the texts and the translation before discussing some of the key issues regarding the influence of Buddhism, the general importance of Buddhist thought on the absence of an ego and a self, and the nature of consciousness vis-a-vis mental phenomena." from Sarah Haynes: An Exploration of Jack Kerouac's Buddhism: text and life Hayes looks at the famous 'Beat' writer's Buddhism: what influenced him, what he felt about his Buddhism and what influences he had on Buddhism in America.

from Steven Heine: A Critical Survey of Works on Zen Since Yampolsky Heine provides a short essay on the state of academic research into Zen Buddhism and an extensive listing of significant books, articles and dissertions.

This is an excellent place to begin research into some of the more important academic work on Zen Buddhism.

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from: Christine Heller: Jack Kerouac, Gary Snyder: Chasing Zen Clouds Heller claims that Keouac was not really into Zen Buddhism but Snyder was.

” Or they ask, “What is the particular view or philosophy of Buddhism?

” Rinpoche answers this with reference to the four seals of the dharma.

She aims to shed light on how aspects of popular culture employ Zen Buddhist features to create commercial products that are meant to reach a wide audience, and how Zen Buddhism is represented in these products. 25, April 1953) This is an ancient debate between Suzuki and Hu Shih and I add it here just for historical reasons. Michelle Spuler: Characteristics of Buddhism in Australia This essay looks at Buddhism's growth and characteristics in Australia. Each area is much better covered in other writings but I include this here for historical purposes.

Andrew Rawlinson: Western Buddhist Teachers Rawlinson argues that the West has far more varieties of Buddhism than the East ever could. (debate on Ch'an and Zen Buddhism in Philosophy East and West, vol. John Tarrant: Robert Aitken's Amazing Life Tarrant writes an obituary for the Shambhala Sun of his teacher and reveals doubts about Aitken's enlightenment, much to the chagrin of Nelson Foster & Jack Shoemaker.


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