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If the judge is wrong the computer has passed the Turing Test and is intelligent.

Although Turing’s vision of AI has not yet been achieved, aspects of AI are increasingly entering our daily lives.

Ian Watson is an Associate Professor of Artificial Intelligence at the University of Auckland, New Zealand where he researches in machine learning and Game AI.

Ian has just written a popular science book called The Universal Machine - from the dawn of computing to digital consciousness.

Ian blogs about the history and future of computing at The Universal Machine.

You can follow him on twitter @driwatson, Google , or Facebook.

Apple had its first sale and Silicon Valley’s start-up culture was born.

Another college drop-out, Bill Gates, realized that PCs needed software and that people were willing to pay for it—his Microsoft would sell the programs. In 1950 he published a paper called “” He had an idea that computers would become so powerful that they would think.

He envisaged a time when artificial intelligence (AI) would be a reality.

But, how would you know if a machine was intelligent?


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