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The second, although this place is more advantage ,it's also have disadvantage. Especially, archaeologists have discovered Oc Eo cultural relics of Phu Nam Kingdom which was around 1,500 years ago.

ESSAY: My Go Thap historic site is a national cultural and historic site with a complex of 5 typical relics: Go Thap Muoi, Co Tu Towel, tomb and monument of Doc Binh Kieu, Go Minh Su and Ba Chua Xu Temple.

I have worked with him on the boat since I was ten and have been able to drink up the beauty of the shore while strengthening my relationship with him.

This summertime work has taught me a lot about who I am.

The views are so wonderful if you see from a top of a mountain, or from a ship running on the sea.

In addition, Mong Cai International border gate is also well-known.You can try some dishes are made from shrimps, crabs, abalones,… And we have some other specialties such as nem chua, cakes nodded,…The people in my home town are very friendly and generous. Especiality such as Lai Vung mandarin, Chau Thanh longan, Cao Lãnh mango, Phong Hoa grapefruit. a lot of storm damage my hometown especially in summer. Traditional trade villages is also one of the strengths to develop tourism in my hometown such as: Long Thuan towel weaving village, Hong Ngu fish breeding village, etc.If you go to Quang Ninh, I will introduce to you more and more about my hometown.OUTLINE: Topic sentence: My hometown is a place in Dong Thap Province. The first, My hometown is more advantage to live Fresh air. In Đồng Tháp, tourists can also listen to sweet and tormenting Dong Thap chant on the lotus fields or rice fields, visit the ancient architectures and monuments with the everage cost.The quaint size of my sea-side home gives its residents special qualities. These same hands are also there to give him a pat on the back or a round of applause.A certain uniqueness is applied to jobs of Cutler as well.Surrounded by thick rugged firs and the chilled Atlantic Ocean, this habitat is home to as few as 500 year-round residents and summer guests.I have lived among this untamed coastal beauty all my life as have my mother and her mother as well.


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