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Remember to stick to your thesis statement and your supporting arguments.It can be a good idea to refrain from writing about the whole movie.

In a way, the insurance company needs an evaluation essay on your health, and it must be written in the respective evaluative style: formal, logical, argumentative, with no unnecessary lyrical digressions.

This is precisely the style the subject matter requires.

Your evaluation essay introduction should also contain a challenging problem to which your thesis statement is a possible answer. In the introduction paragraph, appeal to your reader straight from the first hooking sentence, as usual (fast food is a good topic providing plenty of ‘hooking’ ideas).

Briefly talk about the importance of the topic, and explain why there is a need to pay some more attention to it.

The reader should be able to form his own opinion basing on the evidence the writer presents.

Hence, an evaluation essay requires certain skills, well-weighed approach to the topic and, in general, a very specific type of writing called evaluative.

It can be given to the students at the end of the semester if your professor wants you to reflect and describe your own learning experience.

But here you are not supposed to dive into lengthy descriptions.

However, writing an evaluation essay on other subjects can be somewhat different, and the styles could vary, of which we will talk a bit later.

The task of writing a self-evaluation essay is very challenging.


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