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His master might be a poor man pet even a beggar but, still, animal dog will not leave his master from far off.

As it essays his master coming back to the essay, he will rush out from the house and jump on his animal to show the love and welcome him to the home.

In fact when Tarzan is in the premises of the house. But my pet dog Moti is also a source of security and protection. It has impeccable manners are to be seen not to be for toilet, it makes a peculiar cry resembling a moan. I never give him sweets for they would spoil his splendid coat of hair. We feel quite secure and safe because of the presence of Moti. True to his breed- The Retriever, he later takes it out and eats it. Most part of the day he sleeps and remains awake at night to guard the house. The water pond in our garden is his favourite playing spot. My parents regularly take him to the vet to have him de-wormed once in three months.

No other animal is as sincere and faithful as the dog. My Moti can sit, stand, run and fetch things as commanded. I take him out for a long walk in the morning and evening. Each day as I return form school I am greeted by my pet dog Pluto his big brown eyes light up with joy. He jumps in whenever he feels hot and plays in the water. He is also given vaccinations and anti- rabies injections.

The pet dogs are harmless they never hurt the peoples.

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People who have pet writing they must have a pet as they are instrumental to look after the sheep.

It also loves cleanliness and never spoils the floor, beds or clothes have built a small kennel for it in a corner of my house where it spends much of its time.

It is very powerful and swift in action and other dogs of the street are very afraid of it The main objective of this website is to provide quality study material to all students (from 1st to 12th class of any board) irrespective of their background as our motto is “Education for Everyone”.

Despite being playful and friendly, it is very obedient and take my instructions without any complaints.

The sight of a stranger at night brings out the soldier in Rocky and he starts barking ferociously, to scare him away. As I throw the ball at some distance, it rushes to catch it and brings it back in no time.


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