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Mothers typically receive more credit for raising children than fathers do because they put their children before anything else, including their own comfort and happiness.Mother’s unconditional love for their children is the thing that drives them to sacrifice everything for them.In order for a child to be successful, he or she needs either the visible or background encouragement of the mother throughout their childhood.

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As the duty of a mother, women must start carrying their children way before they are even born and then continue to take care for them until they reach the age where they could take care of their self.

Mothers go above and beyond to make sure that their children are safe and happy.

It is not an easy task to describe the feelings that a mom has toward her children.

It is a great thing that person has to experience for their self.

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It is not easy to provide a unanimous definition of an essay since the writing aim may differ a lot.

Essays might describe personal feelings, a particular event or person.

An essay’s aim might be to prove an abstract idea or give certain information, for example, about wire crafts or coffee making.

In personal essays one can write about his brightest memory of adolescence or the worst date ever. Since we were little kids they were with us, singing lullabies and comforting us when we were afraid of darkness. For them we are always the smartest, the kindest and the sweetest. I liked reading and imagining things that other children hardly liked.

Still what can be more personal and sacred then those who give us their warmth and affection? What would she prefer: knitting, horse riding or dancing? What do you like doing with her: walking, baking cakes or discussing politics? For me, it was much more interesting than running and shouting off the hook.


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