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Relieved to have found something suitable to my debate topic, I sat down to begin reading it without giving any attention to the author. I continued reading and I got so lost in the book that the librarian scolded me of deliberately bunking classes.

After his successful studies, he joined at Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO), as a scientist. He received many honor from the Government of India with the Padma Bhushanin (1981) and the Padma Vibhushanin (1990) for his work with Indian space research organization and DRDO and his role as a scientific advisor to the Government. Abdul Kalam has received India’s highest civilian honor, the Bharat Ratna, for his immensely precious contribution to the scientific research and modernization of defense technology in India.

In 2003 and in 2006 he was nominated for the MTV Youth Icon of the Year award. Abdul Kalam addressing the South Korean Parliament in Seoul on February 8, 2006.

His Excellency made surprising the entire world, for instance, he was recognized by Switzerland government for his scientific prowess. He released four important books -"Wings of Fire", "My journey", "India 2020 - A Vision for the New Millennium", and "Ignited Minds - Unleashing the power within India" has become a household name in India and as well as abroad and has been translated into 13 languages including French and Chinese.

The day he visited Switzerland was commemorated at the Science Day in the country. He wanted all the time to serve as a teacher and he insisted students to follow and repeat the three important words: perseverance, hard work and patience.

He is not happy and he offered a similar one, just like the others.

He continued after replacement and his intention is not be a superior personality at any point of time.The situation was explosive, any talk would boomerang on him.His wife asked him would you like to have coffee or shall I straight away serve dinner if you are hungry. Kalam came here at 5.15 PM and has taken the children to the exhibition.He was rushed to Bethania Hospital in a critical condition and was placed in the intensive care unit, but was confirmed dead of a massive cardiac arrest.United Nations decided to mark the importance of India’s former President and great scientist APJ Abdul Kalam and declared his birthday, October 15as ‘World Students Day’.Once he was asked whether he would like to be known as a poet, a teacher, a missile man, a scientist, a President or a statesman. Kalam replied that he would like to be known as a teacher!On 27 July 2015, it was as if God blessed him, he breathed his last while giving a lecture in Shillong to the IIM students .One fine day, on a tight work schedule at office, one scientist obligated a promise with his kids that he would take them to the local exhibition after returning from work, the scientist had also received the prior permission from his boss, Dr. Deep within himself, he was feeling guilty for having disappointed his children.On rushing back home, children were not there and his wife was sitting alone in the hall and reading magazines. In his autobiography, he has mentioned that while he was young his father who was the imam, the temple priest and the priest from the nearby church used to sit together and discuss the common issues of the village. He has even worked as a paperboy to support his father. He was born on 15 October 1931 in the temple city of Rameswaram. He offered prayers five times a day and fasted during the holy month of Ramadan.


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