Essay About African Poverty

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Not only this, war also results in the destruction of a country’s infrastructure and resources which could otherwise be used for development and sustenance.

In an underdeveloped country, unemployment is undoubtedly the main culprit which leads to poverty.

It has become one of the most difficult problems ever faced by this part of the world and according to reports, there are more than 500 million people in Africa who are living under extreme poor conditions.

Poverty seems to be a long and difficult battle here and there are several NGOs and international aid programs which are putting their best efforts forward for eradicating poverty from Africa.

Blood money rituals and armed robbery has grown many folds in different parts of Africa and women in some regions are forced to turn into prostitution so that they are able to provide their families with food and shelter.

With a large part of its people sitting unemployed, poverty rates in Africa are becoming larger than ever.Let us take a look at some of the crucial factors which have put this continent under such extreme poverty.There are very few lending companies as well as programs in Africa which are willing to provide financial aid to the poor people.Although per capita incomes in Africa have also been steadily growing, and poverty falling, measures are still far better in other parts of the world, such as Latin America, which suffers from many of the same disadvantages that Africa has. Tony Blair, Prime Minister of Britain, The World Bank, George W.Bush, the president of the United States of America, any western developed country or the United Nations for attempting to redress through the Commission for Africa report, and decades of imbalances and injustices visited on Africans by both African rulers and their western collaborators. Founou-Tchuigoua, Bernard Food self-sufficiency: Crisis of the collective ideology African agriculture: The critical choices.Majority of the families in Africa are unable to send their children to schools due to their inability to pay for the fees, books, uniforms and food primarily.Parents are often seen selling their land and property for sending their kids to school and they have to wait for one child to be withdrawn for the second one to be sent to school.The Gospels have many parables and teachings about the poor, and we can link that to poverty today. In Africa 40 to 70% Both groups question and say they did nothing to him.God then says the good people did something for the poor, and the bad people did nothing for the poor.It is a known fact that graduates and skilled labor in Africa are unable to find work due to the lack of opportunity and scope here.The governments in Africa has failed to create enough jobs for its citizens and this has further prompted people here to participate in unethical means for earning money.


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