Elegant Writing Paper

While some people crave the effortless glide of wet ink across a page, I appreciate that writing with a stick pen is almost like a memory exercise; by the time you're finished, the words have been imprinted on both the page and in your muscles. You can buy a dozen on Amazon for as little as 50 cents, which works out to approximately four cents per writing utensil. The trade-off for bargain bin affordability, one might argue, is that nobody feels compelled to keep stick pens around for long. ” asks Joe Crace, a lawyer who runs The Gentleman Stationer, a blog about high end pens and stationery. But it’s worth it to know that any given moment, I'm likely to have a pen on hand.

Most stick pens use a quick-drying, oil-based ink that’s more viscous and sticky than its water-based counterparts.

“It's meant to be a slower writing experience,” says Ariann Langsam, director of marketing a Pilot, which also produces an inexpensive stick pen.

But as is the case with many of life's best things—NYC dirty water dogs, the smell of gas—its very badness is ultimately what makes it so great.

Its hard plastic casing serves as a near-indestructible chew toy for office-bound humans. Writing with Paper Mate’s least expensive and most ubiquitous pen offers a welcomed deliberateness that scrawling with a gel pen does not.

With our tips and examples you’ll breeze through the entire cover letter writing process.

Elegant Writing Paper

With Zety cover letter templates it’s easy to make and modify your online cover letter.

Ballpoint pens, in general, create a slightly more tactile page feel.

The resulting line is a direct reaction to the pressure you apply to the page, which is why these types of pens are the preferred drawing tools of so many artists.

A separate header section with your professional title and contact information adds a touch of personal branding to this resume cover letter template.

Show every recruiter that you’re up-to-date with the latest trends and choose a modern cover letter template.


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