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If not, be sure your thesis is a general sentence that the information in the paragraphs in your essay supports. Supporting the thesis: The body of your essay does this, in this case, using a narrative.

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Swain, in Creating Characters, describes tags and traits as having three main functions. He uses Kojak as an example; that character's tags were his ever present lollipop and his shaved head.

Third, they help recall a character to your reader's mind after an absence.

(I also talk about this in my chapter on Creating Interesting Characters.) DVS writes that it's some combination of a character's name, gender, approximate age and primary attitude. These associations can be used to throw suspicion on an innocent person or to nudge the reader to give someone who is guilty the benefit of the doubt. The name "Severus" reminds me of "sever" and "Snape" sounds an awful lot like "snake." Neither of those words has terribly positive or cuddly connotations.

Rowling really is a past master of the dominant impression.

Perhaps you just graduated from high school, or this is the first time you have taken a college writing class. Is there an incident that you could narrate (a conversation with a parent or friend, the first day on a job) that made you change your mind about what you wanted to do with your life? There is one required instructor review of every paper assigned in this class.

Exploring the methods of development (I call them “writing modes”): These are being assigned to you in this class: narration, description, and definition. Make sure there is a dominant impression and details to support it, both terms you should recognize from your reading in the text itself.

Knows an awful lot about the Dark Arts, Snape." So Quirrell's nervousness is passed off as being caused by Snape's proximity and we don't suspect for a moment that Quirrell is reacting to Harry and that the mild-mannered Professor Quirrell is really Lord Voldemort's helper.

But when we go back and re-read the book it's right there staring at us, we just misattributed Quirrell's reaction.

Tell a story, include descriptive language, and tell that story to try to define who and what you are, or who you would like to become, for someone who does not know you. Focusing on a thesis: I always say that once you have the thesis statement down, the rest of the essay will write itself. Tell us what the places where your narrative happened look like, smell like, sound like. Shaping your introduction and conclusion: Here’s my simplified advice: Open your essay with something that will make people want to read it.

Drafting: The directions in your text are excellent. If you have been taught to use a three-part thesis statement, you’re welcome to do so in this class. After you’ve blocked out the story that defines you, add some descriptive writing.


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