Dissertation Exclusion In Research

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Since the target population and sampling technique have already been identified, this step simply consists of writing the relevant sections for the research report.

Recall that the researcher has an important responsibility to systematically report on the methods of a research study so other researchers can replicate the work.

The second type of missing data is when a participant is missing a score for one or more variables in the study, perhaps because they were absent on the day of testing or they skipped one page of the questionnaire.

There can be two possible outcomes for missing data on an entire variable.

For example, in a pre-post test study, 100 participants completed the pre-test, but only 86 participants completed the post-test.

In this case, the 14 individuals who did not complete the post-test have to be removed entirely from the analysis.Finally, researchers must accurately report the number of participants in a sample.While researchers should work hard to get as many questionnaires returned as possible, it is practically impossible that all questionnaires will be returned.According to APA guidelines, the major demographic characteristics of the sample must be described, including sex, age, and race/ethnicity as well as socioeconomic status and disability status where possible and appropriate.This means that the researcher must tell how many participants were male/female, the average age of the sample, and describe the ethnicity of participants.This information needs to be reported in the sample section, as well as a brief explanation of why they did not complete the post-test."One hundred participants completed the pre-test, but only 86 completed the post-test.The sample section of a dissertation is typically written before the sample has been properly identified.Therefore, it is oftentimes not possible to thoroughly describe the sample in first drafts of a dissertation.Therefore, it is best to give more details than is thought necessary when writing this section.In addition to allowing other researchers to replicate the study, accurately reporting all details regarding the participants in the study (including the population, sample, and sampling technique) is also necessary for the following reasons: The population section should describe relevant demographic (biodata) characteristics of the population that were identified in Chapter 11.


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