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This dedication gives real substance to the book, and the author, before you even dive in.This next example is a short-and-sweet dedication from a book I co-wrote with Dr.Most of them as very basic and simple, something like this: This concise line holds enormous depth for both the readers and the person mentioned.

You should not mention everyone who contributed to the book’s creation.

You can thank everyone you’ve ever met in the Acknowledgements, if you want.

The easiest way to get some examples of dedication is to pick up any book on your shelf and look.

Almost every book has a dedication, so you can find endless examples.

Geoffrey Miller: The number one thing to keep in mind is that there is NO specific formula for this.

The dedication is one of the most personal sections in the book, and it’s up to you to decide how you want to use it.I just did a random survey of ten dissertations and three did not include dedications. The dissertation dedications pages were brief and usually centered on a spouse, family members, or sometimes an influential mentor.You can find dissertation dedication page examples from your school or advisor in Proquest Digital Dissertations.The department or program should be added following the name of the degree.The name on the title page must match exactly the name under which the student is registered at The University of Mississippi.This proclamation usually goes on the dedication page, which is in the very front of the book, after the Title page. A dedication section is short and usually focused on one person (or specific group of people). Here are categories of people that are common focuses of a book dedication: Think about the people to whom you want to dedicate this work. This should be short and sweet, and there are no wrong answers.You are expressing a personal sentiment, so only you can decide. Either do it or don’t, and if you do decide to have one, don’t fret over it. Anyone you leave out can be thanked in the Acknowledgments.The date used on the title page must be the month (August, December, or May) and year of confirmation at which the degree will be awarded.Note that this date is not necessarily the month of completion of the final exam and document.This page is assigned Roman numeral ‘i,’ although the number does not appear on the page.This page is a simple declaration that the student author claims copyright of the document.


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