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More] (Summer 2012) Argelia Andrade, Segmental and Intonational Evidence for a Los Angeles Chicano Spanish Vernacular. Carlos Quicoli] (Spring 2012) Jamie Diane Fudacz, The Decadent City: Urban Space in Latin American Dirty Realist Fiction. Jorge Marturano and Maarten van Delden] (Spring 2012) María Covadonga Lamar Prieto, El español de California en el XIX. Claudia Parodi] (Spring 2012) Claudia Villegas-Silva, Tecnologías en escena: Del teatro multimedia al teatro cibernético en España y las Américas. Verónica Cortínez] (Spring 2012) Oriel María Siu, Novelas de la diáspora centroamericana y la colonialidad del poder: Hacia una aproximación de-colonial al estudio de las literaturas centroamericanas. Héctor Calderón] (Spring 2012) Vanina Lasseron Eisenhart, Modernization, Urbanization, and Literary Production in Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro at the Beginning of the Twentieth Century.

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Vollendorf] (Summer 2010) Kenneth Vladimir Luna, The Spanish of Ponce, Puerto Rico: A Phonetic, Phonological, and Intonational Analysis. Claudia Parodi] (Spring 2010) Nadia Sophia Sanko, Creolizing Carmen: Reading Subversive Afra-Hispanic Performances of María Antonia and Isabel “La Negra” in the Caribbean. Elizabeth Marchant] (Spring 2010) Angela Miriam Helmer, Diglosia en el Perú colonial. Claudia Parodi] (Spring 2010) Catalina Forttes, Una obra en transición: La narrativa de Alberto Fuguet. Verónica Cortínez] (Winter 2010) Ana María Vargas, Alfonsina Storni: entre nosotras las honestas y ellas las caídas. Bergero] (Winter 2010) Manuel Gutiérrez, Mexican Poets and the Arts: 1900-1950. John Skirius] (Fall 2009) Allison Boise Ramay, Mapuche Citizenship: Entangled Histories in Post-Independence Chile.

More] (Fall 2009) Carolina Sitnisky-Cole, La literatura y el cine andinos de la segunda mitad del siglo XX : de una modernidad sólida a una líquida. Efraín Kristal] (Summer 2009) Ariel Zatarain Tumbaga, The Yaqui Warrior Myth: Representations of Yaquis in Twentieth and Twenty-First Century Mexican and Chicana/o Literature and Theatre. Héctor Calderón] (Summer 2009) Carrie Elizabeth Goodin-Mayeda, Coarticulatory Influences on the Perception of Nasal Vowel Height and the Role of Language Experience.

Thau, Screening Change: The Globalization of Spain at 24 Frames per Second.

Monleón] (Winter 2005) Alejandro Lee Chan, Chinos de la diáspora en novelas de Isabel Allende, Mayra Montero y Cristina García. Verónica Cortínez] (Winter 2005) Elisabeth Gárate, The Evolution of Spirituality in the Poetry of Pedro Salinas.

Brian Morris] (Fall 2004) María Teresa Conde, Cinematic Encounters in Premodernist Brazilian Literature. Randal Johnson] (Fall 2004) Martín Sorbille, Causa y constitución de la identidad-modernidad argentina: La muerte del mito unitario y las formaciones de lo inconsciente colectivo en la literatura y el cine nacional.

Bergero and John Skirius] (Summer 2004) Benito Gómez, Del Realismo al Surrealismo: nacionalismo, hibridez y relaciones de poder en la literatura española. Jesús Torrecilla] (Spring 2004) Eric Daniel Mayer, Uncertain Signs: A Study of Anagnorisis in the Works of Cervantes. Johnson] (Spring 2004) Mercedes Limón, Caminos de la identidad en la literatura cubana de la segunda mitad del siglo XX: Revolución, crisis y exilio. Bergero] (Spring 2013) Luis Francisco Cuesta Muniz, El estadio y la palabra: deporte y literatura en la Edad de Plata. Johnson] (Spring 2013) Bethany Renee Beyer, Performable Nations: Music and Literature in Late Nineteenth- and Early Twentieth-Century Cuba, Brazil, and the United States. Elizabeth Marchant] (Spring 2013) Eli Lee Carter, Luiz Fernando Carvalho: An Auteur of Brazilian Television. Randal Johnson] (Spring 2013) Brenda Liz Ortiz-Loyola, En busca de la solidaridad: feminismo y nación en el Caribe hispano, 1880-1940. As a result, such students look for best essay help to be sure that their project will be produced at the highest level in accordance with all academic standards.This is when our experienced custom writing service comes in handy.Undoubtedly, when you need expert help with academic writing, you’re expecting to receive a paper created to your requirements.This means that we take into consideration all your instructions that are more specific than basic features included in the order form. Bergero] (Summer 2011) Mariam Medhat Saada, Edición y estudio del manuscrito aljamiado-morisco ms. Claudia Parodi] (Summer 2011) Paula Thorrington, An Ode to Joy: Chilean Culture in the Eighties against Pinochet. Verónica Cortínez] (Spring 2011) Marisol Castillo, Revaluing the Dynamics of Orality in the Continental Caribbean Literature of Colombia. Elizabeth Marchant] [Winter 2011] Rachel Anne Van Wieren, Exploring the Margins of Patagonia in Chilean Fiction. Verónica Cortínez] (Fall 2010) Daniel Hodge Brown, A Redefinition of Spanish Realism: The Role of the Fictional Reader in Pereda, Pardo Bazán, and Galdós. Jesús Torrecilla] (Summer 2010) Leah Harmon Kemp, Citizenship in Chilean Post-Dictatorship Film, 1990-2005. Verónica Cortínez] (Summer 2010) Alison Louise Stewart, Pickpockets, Battered Wives, and Gypsy Thieves: Mapping Representations of Justice in Seventeenth-Century Spanish and Spanish-American Narrative. Escritura querellante, debates y desafíos de la transición moderna. Carlos Quicoli] (Spring 2009) Alejandra Barahona, La visión vanguardista en la obra literaria de Max Jiménez. Claudia Parodi and Maite Zubiaurre] (Winter 2009) Carlos Andres Fernandez, Eden’s Exiles and Their Deviant Domains: the Aesthetics of Negative Space in the Poetry of Pedro Salinas and Luis Cernuda. Brian Morris] (Winter 2009) Allison An-Sheng Li, Don Rodrigo: Sobre la formación de un mito y la identidad española. Enrique Rodríguez Cepeda] (Summer 2008) Henry Schwarz, Subvisible Meaning: Structural Invention in the Work of 5 Brazilian Novelists. Elizabeth Marchant] (Summer 2008) Jasmina Arsova, Writing Herself out of Silence and Solitude: The Poetic Self-Portraits of Gloria Fuertes.


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    DISSERTATION TITLES – UCLA HISPANIC LANGUAGES AND LITERATURES DISSERTATION IN PROGRESS WORKING TITLES TBA. DISSERTATION TITLES 2000 TO 2017. Mariska Bolyanatz, Plural Production and Perception in Santiago Spanish Advisors Profs. Ji Young Kim and Norma Mendoza-Denton June 2017…

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