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In this sense, one has to study another feature of Bacon’s style--- his extensive use of images, metaphors, similes.

Thus, it remains for the main part of the aphoristic--- with the result that #Bacon is the most quotable writer of the world. His sentences are short and rapid but they are forceful.

In other words, as Dean Church observes “They come down like the strokes of a hammer”.

In his earlier essays his sentences are sketchy and in incomplete manner but in later essays there is warmth and clarity.

Most of his words are read like proverbs: ~~~~~~~~~ “For a lie faces God and shrinks from man”.

In this writing we will discuss with reference from Addison’s The Spectator essays.“His prose is the model of the middle style; familiar but not coarse, elegant but not ostentatious: on grave subjects not formal; on light occasions not groveling, but without scrupulosity, and exact without apparent elaborations; and always equable, and always easy, without glowing words or painted words or pointed sentences.’’ “sometimes he will be lengthening out a verse in the singing psalms, half a minute after the rest of the congregation have done with it; sometimes when he is pleased with the matter of his devotion, he pronounces amen three or more times to the same prayer, and sometimes stands up when everybody else is upon their knees, to count the congregation, or see if any of his tenants are missing.’’ (Sir Roger at Church) is mainly ironical and satirical and sometimes funny.

It is not harsh or bitter but gentle, genial and civilized with a view to correcting the society out of its follies and foibles.

Bacon’s style is not a personal, or the chatty style of Montaigne or Lamb.

His essays are distinctive and aphoristic full of learned quotations and allusions.

~~~~~~~~~ Bacon’s words are without wit and #humour--- in ordinary sense of meaning--- but he is capable of creating humour to please his readers: ~~~~~~~~ “By pains man comes to greater pain”. (Of Great Palace) ~~~~~~~ Though Bacon’s style is heavy in learning yet it is flexible. Though there are some Latinism words in his essays but which are difficult to follow yet they does not lead to obscurity.

Bacon’s style bears the stump of Bacon, the man, who is not only the widely studied essayist but one, who wrote with great care permitting nothing superfluous in it.


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