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Secondly, students lied a lot less about what had happened because their words were being put down on paper.

Sometimes they’re also quite funny and being able to share with students as they get older (and better behaved) can be touching as they often balk at their tenacity.

As one ex-student wrote when I said he’d verify that I used this system: [email protected]_masrur “Yhup, she did!

When I first started teaching I cried at least once per week for three months straight.

One day a teacher even found me sobbing on my classroom floor in the pitch black at 3.30pm. Like some kind of value-brand Michelle Pfeiffer, I was hell-bent on winning the behaviour stakes though, unlike Pfeiffer’s character, I didn’t know any karate. Unfortunately what no-one tells you about detentions is that (a) getting naughty students to turn up requires you to possess the cunning of a diamond theft, and (b) once the detention you now have to spend A WHOLE HOUR with the children who are most annoying.

No matter how much they tried to draw me on conversation, was written down.

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I didn’t much care for the quality of their handwriting or spelling but the writing things down was crucial in making sure we were all being thoughtful, truthful and in keeping my sanity.The kids – probably thinking it best that no-one saw the mess they had made of me – had turned the lights off as they left. Simply because it’s after school they don’t suddenly become perfect human beings, in fact if they’re annoyed about the detention they can become downright unpleasant.Worst of all, if you have several children on detention at once (or several- of them as was often the case for me) then they will delight in whining, deriding and generally scoring points for how obnoxious they can be in front of one another.When students came into the detention they were given pen and paper and told the following: At first the students moaned.“I’m not writing this…” “I didn’t do anything…” “No way…” I kept repeating “Write down what you have to say, then I’ll look at it, and then you might be able to go”.Protests would continue a while but after 5 minutes most would fall silent and surrender.Occasionally a student would try to sit it out for the whole detention.Three amazing (and unexpected) things happened from this process: First, the initial question on the sheet asked pupils to write why they were in detention.I reckon about 60% of kids said something different to the reason why I had put them on detention. As someone who prided myself on being a clear communicator I found this disheartening, and was always glad of an opportunity to put students right on the reason for a detention as, in the heat of being told off, it does seem that students stop hearing or we stop explaining clearly – maybe a bit of both.I always make pupils sign their papers and agree to what their future solution will be.Being able to get out those papers if there is ever another detention is VERY helpful for parent’s evening or if you have to make referrals.


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