Descriptive Essay Introduction

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This essay structure can help you describe most things, though, thoroughly and easily.

A descriptive essay is an essay where you describe a topic in detail. Your task is to bring in all the senses to describe it, in order to paint as vivid a picture as possible.

Descriptive essays can vary, depending on what you're describing.

The subject could be anything: A descriptive essay is all about describing the subject in great detail.

Being a type of expository writing, it gives you great freedom to paint a picture with your words, shares a once in a lifetime event with the reader or makes them feel something.

Try being creative with them, and really delve into what these ideas could mean for the reader.

With this information, you can now write an excellent descriptive essay.something is to describe using the five senses, how it looks, how it smells, how it tastes, how it feels and how it sounds.Imagine the reader as an alien, who has never experienced the subject for themselves. To give you an understanding of how to differentiate between showing and telling I’ll write an example of a descriptive paper that describes my favorite place.It's up to you to make the topic engaging for the reader.If you want some practice, here are some topics you can try writing about: These ideas will help you see how a descriptive essay is put together.It could be very personal, or a more abstract idea.For example, you could be asked to write about the most embarrassing moment of your life, or the idea of travel.Analyzing other’s descriptive writing will make your own descriptive work stronger.Can you pick out another place in the descriptive essay example above where those four changes occur and what it lends to the description?Take your topic aside and write some sentences describing how it charms each sense – the five senses being: Keep a thesaurus on hand to switch some of the more basic words out.If you can read your paragraph back and vividly imagine the item you’ve described, you’ve done it.


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