Cryptography Phd Thesis

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We also describe our investigations on obtaining strong entropic uncertainty relations using symmetric complementary bases.

Uncertainty relations are an important and useful resource in analyzing the security of quantum cryptographic protocols, in addition to being of interest from a foundational standpoint.

Motivated by examples of approximately correcting codes, which make use of fewer physical resources than perfect codes and still obtain comparable levels of fidelity, we study the problem of finding and characterizing such codes in general.

We construct for the first time a universal, near-optimal recovery map for approximate quantum error correction (AQEC), with optimality defined in terms of worst-case fidelity.

Approximate quantum error correction seeks to relax the constraint of perfect error correction and construct codes that might be better adapted to correct for specific noise models.

Noisy-storage cryptography relies on the power of quantum noise to execute two-party cryptographic tasks securely.

Boolean functions are an important area of study for cryptography.

These functions, consisting merely of one's and zero's, are the heart of numerous cryptographic systems and their ability to provide secure communication.

Only who have secret key for decoding the message can retrieve the data.

Steganography is a form of cryptography that embeds data into other mediums in an unnoticeable way, instead of employing encryption.


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