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The sheer size of the country and the length of its roads meant time.Time to square away in your head—like astronauts passing through an alien space—to sort things and work through philosophical dialectics.

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There could have been any easier way to get me there—maybe faster, maybe cheaper—but Dad had been a long-haul trucker before I was born, and there was something about the trance of the highway that hung in his blood, that made him go to it at any moment he could. There’s a mythology that surrounds the American road trip—this way to grapple with the sheer space of crossing those distances in the United States.

When Jack Kerouac wrote , the space in America was a meditative one.

The Kentucky of is in a way all Kentuckys—the ruins of a coal industry hangs heavy, art deco structures, but antenna TVs are antiques.

There are computers and androids but no cell phones—there’s a sense that time periods exist in parallel layers because even ancient history sticks around as complicated ghosts, metaphorical or otherwise.

By analyzing this poem, be sure to include the following: The poem consists of twenty lines and a formal rhyme scheme.

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It is written in the first person, and the first line describes an image of two roads diverging in a yellow wood.Go underground, to the maintenance space beneath the store, and you see that just under the surface is a tangle of cables and pipes, a winding staircase, too narrow hallways inside the outline of the horse’s body.Things and places are more complicated and messy than they appear from the windows of your car. From outside Conway can hear the singing of a congregation, but the front doors are locked.We often associate road trips as classic “Americana,” but tries to tell a road trip story about America by having us confront the real histories of the country, the people in it, and the people being hurt.In a time when the worst thing one can do is become isolated from the country they live in, opens by having its main character, Conway, peel off from the I-65 through Kentucky and step out into a gas station.Locked in our vehicles, speeding down the interstate, there’s a creeping sensation that we’re the only ones alive.The game tries to confront this conception and uses that mobility of the road trip story to turn the narrative formula from an interior, internal story to one about exteriors.The man, haunted by dreams and reminiscent due to flashbacks of his childhood and his wife who committed suicide at the time of the world-wide destruction, protects his son from starvation and attacks, even though he himself realizes that he is dying. Query: How does the never to be differ from what never was” (Mc Carthy, p. This quote gives an idea of what kind of catastrophe might have struck the world, and that the prophets are gone, taking the world with them.Whatever happened to humankind in the novel, The Road, was completely destroyed along with the moral principles that man and the boy, even we value.Conway is an aging antiques delivery driver making one last drop both for the antiques store and himself.When he steps out of his truck, however, he steps into a rural Kentucky that operates more like a magical realist play.


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